Assisting Strong Beautiful Women with a “Devine Birthing Experience”

Shally Thee Doula

Founder & Owner

shalamar rhodes

Shalamar is a mother of a 15 year old daughter who decided to become a Doula because she had one. It was at that moment 15 years ago she wanted to help, educate, and aid women in giving birth. Because of her experience with her Doula, she knew she could be just as devoted and passionate about helping other women.

Upon completion with the National Black Doulas Association, Shalamar decided that this was something she wanted to do fulltime. Providing and offering women with excellent care, dedication, spiritual guidance, a loving spirit, and hard work are Shalamar’s goals. She plans to educate women on the benefits of natural child birth, birth rights, and choices. Assisting women in welcoming a new life into this world is of upmost importance.

As your child birth doula, I will:

  • Give you my all
  • Be your support system during pregnancy until the birth of your baby.
  • Be with you for continuous emotional and physical support.
  • Offer certain information concerning your pregnancy and labor but not medical advice.
  • Setup a zoom meeting during and/ or after your doctor’s or midwive’s  appointments to discuss any questions you may have.
  • Help you find different sleeping positions that will be comfortable for you towards the end of the pregnancy to help you get as much rest as possible.
  • Talk you through Braxton-Hicks contractions and contact your doctor or midwife to determine if it is actual labor.
  • Be there to make sure the atmosphere is peaceful, calm, stress-free, and comfortable.
  • Give you back rubs and /or massages during labor if desired.
  • Play music during your labor. If this is desired, please provide me with a playlist at the signing of our agreement and contract.
  • Do follow-up visits after delivery to make sure everything is going smoothly and to answer any questions.

— Shally Thee Devine Doula

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